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Machiatto Coffee beans

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Machiatto is the Wairarapa's original espresso roasting company, existing to roast and realise the flavours of single origin Arabica coffees.

They do this by:

- fresh hot-air-roasting each bean variety to its full potential,

- packaging fresh to order, and

- ensuring careful extraction to coax out the delicate flavours when tasting and making espressos


Machiatto offers 3 single origins, roasted fresh once you order. 

Guatemalan Huehuetenango

This single origin from the Huehuetenango region, is considered one of the best regions for coffee production in Guatemala.

The roasted bean is "Complex with winey notes" and is versatile enough to be made by any preferred method.  

Bolivian Rio 

A favourite of connoisseurs, Bolivian Rio Mercedes Single Origin, roasted to perfection, makes a superb brew. Whether you prefer plunger, espresso, moka pot or filter, this coffee makes a cup to savour.  

Swiss Water Process Decaf'

Sourced via Trade Aid, this single origin Peruvian Swiss Water Process Decaf' is the tastiest we've come across in a while, and as a bonus, keeps for 10-14 days  (vs the usual 7-10) - if you don't drink it all first!

Sizes available: 

200g: $12

300g: $15

500g: $25

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