This super easy, creamy homemade hummus is a must-have dip for breads or vegetables, on it's own or as part of a platter. Hummus is a perfect healthy spread for sandwiches and wraps, you can also use it on pizza bases rather than a tomato based pizza sauce, it is quite versatile so get creative and enjoy!


2 cans of Ceres Organic Chickpeas

1/2 a jar of Ceres Organic Hulled Tahini

Freshly ground Ceres Naturals Sea Salt

1-2 cloves of peeled garlic

Juice of one lemon

Optional extras for garnish:

Ceres Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Fresh finely chopped parsley or coriander 

Ground Cumin 



Drain the chickpeas over a sieve into a bowl, reserving the aquafaba (chickpea water) in the bowl, set this aside. With the chickpeas still in the sieve, rinse them under the cold tap.

For a smoother hummus, you may wish to remove the chickpea skins - but this is entirely optional. To remove the skins, I find the easiest method is to just roll the chickpeas between my hands. The skins come off easily and can be discarded into your compost.

Into a food processor, add the two cans of drained chickpeas, 1/2 a jar of the hulled tahini, roughly chopped peeled garlic, the lemon juice and freshly ground sea salt to taste. 

Start your food processor on a low speed, and slowly drizzle in the aquafaba, reserved from the chickpeas. You won't need the full amount, I usually find about 1/2 to 3/4 of the full reserved amount is adequate. Keep drizzling aquafaba into the food processor until the hummus reaches your desired consistency, then increase the speed and leave for a good five minutes, or until well combined.

You are all done! Homemade hummus is as easy as that. Transfer the hummus to a storage container, where it will keep in the fridge for up to a week. Also keeps well in the freezer for up to 3-4 months.

If you are serving the hummus as a dip, you may wish to add an optional garnish of extra virgin olive oil, along with finely chopped fresh herbs or microgreens, dukkah or a sprinkle of ground cumin. 

This recipe can also easily be halved or doubled to make a smaller or larger batch of deliciousness!