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We're creating a future where nature and community is prioritised through little farms making a big impact.

We grow as much as we can on our 1/4 acre market garden while also collaborating with other organic Wairarapa growers in order to feed our community.

We believe the future of food is "lots of little" as it fosters resilience, local food security & environmental sustainability.

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We're helping you eat better one little farm at a time.

Little Farms started in 2019 as an organic market garden grown from the need to do better. 

Originally founded by Alex and Vie, two friends on the mission to develop a more sustainable food system growing on an acre in Masterton.

When the original lease came to an end, Alex carried on Little Farms by setting up a new market garden in South Wairarapa and started further collaborating with other local organic growers to provide volume, variety and resilience.

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Education & gardening tips

How to start a no-dig garden (e-guide)How to start a no-dig garden (e-guide)