The Girl Gang

Meet the girl bosses behind Little Farms.



Alex is the organiser who always has dirt in her finger nails. She spends most of her time in the garden building the soil for the vegetables to thrive in while also nurturing and supporting a network of farmers. You will also find her in the packing shed making the salad mixes and packing orders with her baby in tow. 

She is a Eat New Zealand Kaitaki and spends a lot of her time educating and discussing our food system. She hosts gardening workshops, works with community groups and speaks at events to spread her passion for growing and eating local. 

She is the co-founder and mother of Little Farms.



Nikki is the Operations Manager, she does it all! She organises the logistics of delivery, packs the Farm Boxes, is our customer service superstar, makes recipes, keeps our social media up to date, runs our market stall and delivers the boxes. She is life blood of everything to do with our Farm Boxes. 


Aimee is a Farm Box packing superstar! She brings the good vibes and hustle into the packing shed helping us get the boxes out the door in time for same day delivery.