How to keep your veggies fresh

Our farm boxes come with as little packaging as possible in order to minimise waste. 

This doesn’t mean that our veggies don’t need “packaging” in order to stay fresh, instead it means you need to put them into reusable packaging upon arrival in order to keep them fresh. 

Our top tips:

💚 Put your greens (chard, kale, pak choi, spinach, broccoli etc) in a damp cotton tote bag or wrap them in a damp tea towel. The bag/towel needs to stay damp so you may need to re-wet it during the week.

💚 Take it out of the compostable bag it arrives in, otherwise it will start to compost. Put your salad mix in an airtight container. Make sure the salad isn't wet when you put it in the container, and if it is either shake it out or put a paper/cotton towel in the container to absorb the water. If salad sits in moisture it will go brown. 

💚 The herbs either enjoy their stems in a jar of water or being hung upside down to dry out. Herbs like basil can be thirsty, so you may have to refill the jar daily. Make sure you only put the roots in the water, not the leaf. You may also be able to repot the herbs if they come with the roots still on. 

💚 The mircogreens & edible flowers can stay in the containers we pack them in as they are airtight.


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