How to order

You have three options on how to order produce from Little Farms:

1. Order a seasonal box

There are four different sized seasonal boxes and four specialty boxes for you to choose from, each filled with a variety of produce. These boxes will always include the widest range of variety we have available. 

If you would like to know what is likely to be in your box before ordering for that week, check out the "what's in season" page on our website. 

2. Choose your own box

You can hand pick every vegetable that goes into your box. This takes away any surprise and means you get exactly what you want. You may not have the full variety of produce to select from, as we only offer the vegetables for the "choose your own" box that we are certain will be available that week. 

3. Seconds boxes

The Ugly boxes are filled with seconds produce. These boxes have less variety, as not every type of vegetable will have seconds quality produce every week. However, the perk of these boxes is they are really good value, so if you aren't fussy about what you get, these boxes are for you. 


Add Extras 

Once you have selected your vegetables you can then add pantry items and other extras to your order. The flour, eggs, honey & canned goods are great staples to add to your order.


Order Cut off 

Please get your orders in by midnight Sunday for delivery/pick up on Wednesday or Thursday (depending on your location.)

Because we harvest to order, we only pack orders and deliver to each area once a week. Therefore we have to cut off orders 48 hours before our pack day to give us time to plan and organise the harvests. 

If you order after Sunday your order will roll over to the following week.


Delivery/Pick up

Check out our information on delivery and pick up to see what option works best for you. 

Please put a reminder in your calendar with your pick up time. 


Subscribe or order as a one off

You can set up a subscription for a farm box and receive one every week or fortnight. This takes the hassle away as it automatically renews without you needing to do anything. If you like to pick and choose your box contents then you will need to order each week, as whats available changes weekly. You can also place an order as a one off whenever you like - we are super flexible! 

If you subscribe to a Farm Box there is a minimum of 3 weeks before you can pause, cancel or alter your subscription.


For a farm to be sustainable it also needs to be resilient so that it can keep operating into the future. It is really helpful for us, if you subscribe to our Farm Boxes. This helps us plan how much to grow and gives us some financial stability so that we can invest in our farm long term with the security that we will be able to sell the food we grow.