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Little Farms NZ

The Mama

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We started these boxes when my oldest baby started eating solids and I realised how hard it was to find organic baby food that didn’t come in a pouch or a can. We decided to dedicate our seconds vegetables to the cause of helping feed our next generation & so the Mama boxes were born 👶🏼

These boxes are for everyone and anyone wanting to eat real organic food on a budget, who don’t mind a random mix of goodness. Some things in the box will be great for purées or first foods, while other things will be great for you, as it just not the little ones that deserve to eat goodness, we all do 🌽✨

This box is bang for your buck! It is filled with seconds vegetables (and sometimes fruit) that wouldn't normally make the cut for our regular boxes but are still totally delicious and nutritious. 

The goodies in this box are seconds because they are:

  • Ugly, misshapen, small or really big
  • More than two days since being harvested 
  • Excess of this produce at this time of year

These vegetables are perfect for feeding your kids in purees, mash or hiding in your delicious lasagna. Also great for juicing!

Two sizes available:

Large - aprox. 12 seasonal vegetables (For example in summer we had Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, zucchini, cucumber, pumpkin, silverbeet, apples, potatoes)

Small - aprox. 7 seasonal vegetables (For example in summer we had Broccoli, pumpkin, apples, zucchini, silverbeet). 

The box is a seasonal mix so it’s contents will change week to week. Some weeks there will be more variety than other weeks depending on what’s in season and what is seconds 👌🏽


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Lynn Baker
Great surprise vegetable box

Awesome to get the "mama" box - love the quality of the vegetables and the surprise of what is in the box

Love the mama boxes!

We get a mama box each week and we are never disappointed. We find it great value for money and it helps me to get creative in the kitchen with all of the different variety! Can highly recommend these boxes. Also I love the work the girls put in behind the scenes at little farms. I have watched them from the start and they are truly inspirational. Keep it up team!

Amazing value

We have ordered two mama boxes now and I absolutely love them, gets me using much more veg in my meals each night. While they are seconds still very fresh and tasty Great value for money. Thankyou little farms for doing what you do :)

The Mama Boxes are the Best

We loved our first Mama Box. Previously we have ordered the regular boxes from Little Farms, but we decided to try the Mama boxes for a bit of cost savings. While we saved money, we did not miss out on the high quality that Little Farms always delivers for us. The produce was still bright and fresh and most importantly delicious. The women that run this small, but mighty business are amazing. We look forward to continuing to support them as they grow.

Renee Oakly

Fresh seasonal veggies at their best x, we will continue to get our box each week