The Farm

The OG Farm

The original Little Farms organic market garden was in Masterton. Vie & Alex started this farm in 2019 as an experiment to see how much food they could grow in an effort to feed themselves. This Little Farm was the catalyst that started a desire to grow more and do more. Below are some pictures of this beautiful space. 


Our current farm

In early 2022 Alex & Vie lost the lease for the above property when it was sold to a new owner.

Therefore, in April 2022 Alex started creating a new Market Garden in Pirinoa, South Wairarapa. Here are some photos of her garden in early 2023. 



We work with a collection of other organic Farms!
There are seven other organic Wairarapa farms that help us fill the Farm Boxes every week. 
These farms are:
- Te Manaia Organics (certified organic)
- Four Corners Organic (certified organic)
- Vagabond Vege (non-cert organic)
- Eco Farm (non-cert organic)
- Martinborough Manor (non-cert organic)
- T Base 2 Limited (certified organic)
- T Gasper (non-cert organic)
We are able to provide the weekly Farm Boxes to you by working with this collection of organic Wairarapa farmers. Most of these farms are certified organic, with only the smaller ones not being certified for similar reasons to our market garden. All farms are organic in principle and hold themselves to the highest organic standards.