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Little Farms

The Original

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This box was the original box we started off with in 2021 when we were just dabbling in  vegetable boxes. It is a medium sized box, estimated to be about the right amount of for 2 adults for a week.

All our boxes are Little Farms collaborations with two other organic farms in the Wairarapa, this enables us to provide you with a box filled with variety all year round.

The staples in this box are:

Lettuce- The type of lettuce leaf changes with the seasons, but what doesn't change is how crunchy and fresh the salad is.

Kale/Chard/Spinach bunch - Your weekly greens all bundled up together ready for sandwiches, juicing, lasagna and everything else! The mix varies seasonally, in summer we have more chard and in winter more spinach.

Seasonal goodies:

The rest of the box is a mix of seasonal vegetables and even fruits. In summer you can expect vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumber, zucchini and in winter vegetables like cabbage, carrots, onions.

The pictures are an indication of what you can expect at different times of the year. The first picture was the Original box in early spring, the second the Original box in late spring, the third the box in Winter and the video the box in late summer. 

As our boxes are seasonal and local, we only have what is in season in the Wairarapa. This means we won't have your staple vegetables such as potatoes, carrots and tomatoes in the boxes every week, instead they will be in our boxes when they are growing in the Wairarapa. We find this seasonality really beautiful as it makes you appreciate when things are in season and connects you to the seasonal flow of nature.


If there is a particular vegetable you can not eat, leave a note at checkout when you order and we will try our best to keep it out of your box. 


We delivery Wairarapa wide for $9.90  (Masterton, Carterton, Greytown, Martinborough & Featherston) and offer free pick up from Bin Inn Masterton (Thursday 1-5pm), Kahutara School (Friday 2-3pm) and Pirinoa School (Friday 2-3pm). 

We also have pick up points in Eketahuna/Wellington/Hutt Valley, from the following locations:

Anderson Street Kitchen, Eketahuna, Thursday 5pm-7pm. 

Bin Inn Petone, 211 Jackson Street, Petone, Friday 10am-5:30pm

The Oatery, 14 Left Bank, Cuba, Friday 9am- 1pm

Hooper-Refill, 11 Hooper Street, Mt Cook, Friday 10am-6pm

Customer Reviews

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Super impressed!

I ordered my first box this week after thinking about doing so for a few months now. I have no regret! Everything is so fresh and lush looking. The variety actually exceeded my expectations. The new South Wai pickup point is very handy too!



Beryl Roche
In support of little farms

I've never written a review before but was moved to after reading one on here that I felt was a very harsh and unfair. I have been receiving and enjoying little farms veggie boxes for around a year now and I enjoy the variety and seasonal surprises that each weekly box brings. I know the people who run little farms personally and have no doubt over their ethics and feel their business comes from the heart. Changing the food system is hard with supermarkets that import, over-price food and under-cut local growers.
Thank you Little Farms for all you do!
Looking forward to the summer boxes with tomatoes and cucumbers!

Poor, inadequate

This is my first box with little farms.

Very sub-standard box. NO carrots, potatoes, onions, radish or garlic. (foods I consider staple basics all year round) NO tomatoes, cucumber, capsicum etc.

Ordered 28 October, Wasn't advised in advance as to what day to pick up, got an email to collect 4th November Friday morning.

1 x very wilted lettuce which was rotting by Saturday though I immediately washed and put root into water.
2 x Rosemary fronds (grows wild everywhere, free)
a bunch of mystery greens (looks like watercress) wilted and rotten by Saturday.
silverbeet leaves, wilted
1 x Bok-choy bunch, leaves yellowed and wilted on pick up.
1 x small to average size, green broccoli, smelled and tasted like it had been sprayed.
1 x very small bunch of purple broccoli, flowering, going to seed.
2 x grapefruit slightly wrinkled (can't give them away round town, Masterton)
2 x lemons (given away free at various spots around Masterton)
2 x tiny fennel bulbs
1 x bunch spring onion.

I would value this at $20, at the most.

This is NOT what a small family or two adults could live on for a week. I have been raw vegan for 8 years in the past and subsisting on the poverty line for last four years. I know lean, I know frugal.

I have a small family and this is insufficient.

Making profits out of something that is a basic human need, AND being stingy, illustrates a complete lack of good will, incompetence or both.

Good luck going forward.

Fresh rainbow foods to your doorstep!

We love our weekly box of fresh, rainbow wholefoods. Takes the stress out of shopping when things are busy & excellent value at just $40 for two of us. Good seasonal variety, allows us to eat in tune with nature's abundance for optimal wellbeing. Thank you Alex! Xx