Join the Little Movement

We know there are so many people in Aotearoa who would love to start a Little Farm - so let's make it happen!

The biggest barrier to starting a farm is land ownership. Before we started Little Farms we thought you needed to own land in order to invest time & money into creating a farm. However, through our journey of leasing land we have discovered that you certainly can create a Little Farm on land that isn't yours. The reality is for most Kiwi's the ability to buy a plot to start a farm is a bit out of reach, however there are thousands of land owners with extra land that would love for their land to be utilised productively.

Therefore we want to help connect land owners to our future growers. Imagine an Aotearoa where every farm had a market garden. Imagine how easily we could feed our neighborhoods and create local food security. 

If you would like to register your interest as a grower or land owner, fill in the form below and we will create a register of potential opportunities and start connecting the people to the land. 

In the comment section of the form please let us know a little about yourself and where you are located in Aotearoa.