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Wairarapa Free Range

Free Range Eggs 20pk (The uglies)

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We are honoured to be selling these beautiful ugly eggs from Wairarapa Free Range. They have slight imperfections which make them B grade. They are mixed sizes.

Why we love Wairarapa Eggs:

  • They make sure the chickens are well fed with quality grain and have plenty of fresh water all day every day.
  • Free Range hens at Wairarapa Eggs have access to the great range full of bugs, places to dust-bath, shelter and shade.
  • They provide the Free Range birds with access to warm, well-insulated and clean barns with freedom to dust-bath, scratch around and perch wherever and whenever they like.
  • When it comes to laying their nutritious eggs, the birds can move into private nesting boxes away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the flock.

Please only order eggs if you are also ordering vegetables (due to these eggs being limited in supply). 

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Hanna Finlayson
Eggs Eggs Eggs!

I get a tray every time I order my box of veges as they're just such great value and sooo convenient to get at the same time. And hardly ugly! Just different sizes! Still yum :-)

Free range Eggs

The eggs taste really good. All of the 20 were very small. It would have been good to have had a variety of sizes. As there are only two of us most of the time 20 is too many for me to buy regularly.

Love the Eggs

Another great weekly addition to our organic vegetable box. Excellent value.

Value for money

I added a tray of eggs on to my order this week and was not disappointed. I couldn’t tell they were seconds! Great value for money.

Value for money

These eggs are fresh enough and have been good in baking and eating directly. Value for money wise, and given they're delivered to the door, really can't be beaten.