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Happy Belly Ferments

Ginger Beer Water Kefir

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A little spritzy, like summer with a hint of ginger, lime, elderberry and lemon. 

​Water kefir is fermented by kefir granules.  A secondary fermentation is done with fresh ginger and lemon juice which produces the delicious flavour. This water kefir is a raw, natural and active brew, each batch will vary slightly.  

Why we love Happy Belly Ferments Water Kefir: 

  • It’s brewed with love and care in the Wairarapa. Jo’s small factory is just out of Greytown. 
  • It’s delicious and fizzy as well as healthy.
  • It’s chock full of beneficial probiotics. 
  • It’s raw, natural and unpasteurised. 
  • It’s low in sugar. 
  • Kids love it. 
  • It’s great if you are looking for a yummy option instead of alcohol, you want a delicious mixer to go with alcohol, if you’re looking for an immune boost to stay healthy or for a yummy fizzy treat.

Natural Ingredients:  

Water, Sugar, Water Kefir Culture, Freshly Squeezed Lemon & Ginger. 

Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free 

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Sunshine in a bottle

This is my fav drink - so refreshing and good for you!