What's in the 23rd Feb boxes?

What's in the 23rd Feb boxes?

How is it Monday already? The last week has passed in a horrible traumatic mess for New Zealand. We have been so deeply sadden by the utter devastation experienced on the East Coast. 

It has shown as the fragility of farming in the wrath of mother natures wake. 

Our supply hasn't been too effected, as the Cyclone didn't damage us too badly. We will be able to supply our customers as usual this week. 

We thank you for your continued support and the re-newed passion for supporting small local farmers. 

This week the produce available is:

lettuce (red & green) 




baby spring onions 

cherry tomatoes

round tomatoes

chard/kale/dandelion (leafy greens)


Borlotti shell beans







The type of box you order will determine the quantity and variety you receive. The regular farm boxes will have the greatest variety, with the larger sizes having multiples of the same vegetables (e.g. a Little Box might have 2 cucumber, whereas a Whanau box might have 4 cucumbers). The Mama boxes (discounted seconds) have less variety (as not all types of veggies will have seconds every week) but provide more value. 

Due to our farms being small scale and seasonal, there is a chance that not every box will have the same mix of vegetables, but we ensure every box has the same value of vegetables in it.

Thanks for understanding.