What’s in the 26th Jan boxes?

What’s in the 26th Jan boxes?

Another stunning week! The sun has been shining and now the tomatoes are ripening ūüćÖ This week we have the first of our larger round tomatoes. We have about 7 different varieties of the large tomatoes, and they will be sold as a mix (rather than each individual variety).

We also very excitingly have purple kale on the very near horizon, it is growing beautiful and the colour is vibrant, so look out for that in the next few weeks. 

This week is the last week will have the large bunches of basil, and then they go out of season until next year. So if you want to stock up on pesto, this is the week to make it. 

We also have a very limited number of broccoli this week, so they won’t be the in the regular boxes, but if you would like one, add it on to your order as an individual item. 

This week the produce available is:

potatoes (3 different varieties) 

lettuce (red & green) 


pak choi 

mizuna (green and red) 



spring onion

cherry tomatoes

round tomatoes


broccoli (limited numbers) 


dandelion greens 


plums (3 varieties) 


The type of box you order will determine the quantity and variety you receive. The regular farm boxes will have the greatest variety, with the larger sizes having multiples of the same vegetables (e.g. a Little Box might have 2 cucumber, whereas a Whanau box might have 4 cucumbers). The Mama boxes (discounted seconds) have less variety (as not all types of veggies will have seconds every week) but provide more value. 

Due to our farms being small scale and seasonal, there is a chance that not every box will have the same mix of vegetables, but we ensure every box has the same value of vegetables in it.