What's in the 2nd Feb boxes?

What's in the 2nd Feb boxes?

What a wet week we have just had! The garden is feeling very moist and the plants are growing rapidly. 

The influx of moisture has meant we have some extra "seconds" veg this week - things like marrows or spilt tomatoes. So order a mama box if you would like to capitalise on that.

This week the produce available is:

potatoes (3 different varieties) 

lettuce (red & green) 



mizuna (green and red) 



cherry tomatoes

round tomatoes


beans (yellow or green)




The type of box you order will determine the quantity and variety you receive. The regular farm boxes will have the greatest variety, with the larger sizes having multiples of the same vegetables (e.g. a Little Box might have 2 cucumber, whereas a Whanau box might have 4 cucumbers). The Mama boxes (discounted seconds) have less variety (as not all types of veggies will have seconds every week) but provide more value. 

Due to our farms being small scale and seasonal, there is a chance that not every box will have the same mix of vegetables, but we ensure every box has the same value of vegetables in it.