Collection: Big changes at our Little Farm

The whenua that Little Farms has been leasing is being sold. 

This has pushed us to jump head first into our next step of growth - two little farms! 

The plan was always for Little Farms to be a collection of neighbourhood farms feeding their community. There is no better time than right now to start making this happen.


Victoria will establish an urban farm in the centre of Masterton on Renall Street. Here she will grow the green goodies and speciality veg you have all come to love in our weekly farm boxes. We will also hold our workshops at the urban farm and have farm gate pick up from here. 


Alex will establish a larger market garden in Pirinoa, South Wairarapa. This is where the bulk of Little Farms vegetables will the grown. This will also enable the South Wairarapa to have greater access to our food - living rurally shouldn't make it harder to get fresh local Veg. 


Setting up two new market gardens and a new processing shed within two months is a big task. We will greatly accept any support you can give us with this huge project.

We will be holding working bees (dates to be announced) where you can come along and get your hands dirty helping set up the new farms.

We have also set up a fundraiser, where every donation of $50 or more will receive either a Little Farms t-shirt, tote bag or cap. 

Thank you for the endless love and support xx


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